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Water is an essential component of the skin. Its appearance is affect through the participation in a number of complicated processes. Dehydrated skin as the name suggests, is where the skins water level falls below the minimum which is needed for its proper functioning. It can apply to all skin types (even oily, acne prone skin) and affects people of all ages.

Dehydrated skin is often confused with dry skin. The difference is that dehydrated lacks moisture (water) and dry skin lacks sebacears oil.

Dehydrated skin symptoms:

- the skin becomes more sensitive, looks flushed

- the skin can feel tight and you may feel a burning sensation

- thin looking

- has a tendency to drying out or be greasy

- face looks grey and tired in appearance

- flaking

- loses flexibility and elasticity

- wrinkles are highlighted

- speeds up the skins natural aging process


- incorrect care, for example the use of inappropriate products on the skin which could take away the skins natural oil

- natural aging process

- hormonal disorders

- adverse weather conditions: wind, cold and sunlight

- the use of solariums

- central heating, air conditioning

- environmental pollution

- stress

- fatigue

- having an unbalanced diet

- the use of certain medication such as those for the treatment of acne

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can also cause dehydration of the skin.

Dehydration is a condition which can be eliminated by:

- use mild washing products (not containing SOAP)

- the use of thermal waters

- using properly balanced and correct amounts of moisturizing creams (containing

urea, sodium pyroglutamate, lactic acid, ceramides, amino acids)

- the use of sunblock

- drinking enough water (approx. 2 litres per day)

- room humidification

Beauty treatments that can be used to aid in eliminating dehydration:

- mesotherapy injection (made with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino


- lactic acid peels or almond peels

- a gentle treatment using moisturizer ampoules

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