Is more technology a better results?

To get the most out of shaping technology, it's best to combine all the methods. The best connection that I using is ultrasound, infrared, RF waves and dermomassage. Boosting the result with professional body cosmetics with the addition of natural caffeine.

Ultrasounds - the operation of this technology can be subject to precisely defined areas. It breaks up clusters of fat.

Infrared - Infrared radiation has energetic and thermal properties. It improves the removal of toxins, promotes relaxation, stimulates cellular exchange processes. It speeds up metabolism.

RF waves - Technique irreplaceable in removing skin sagging. It warms the dermis, causing shrinkage of collagen. The effect is to improve the tension and firmness of the skin.

Dermomassage - During the treatment subcutaneous fat is attacked and its reduction takes place. One of the advantages of this technique is the very fast firming effect.

Cosmetics - Natural caffeine in professional cosmetics, accelerates blood and lymph circulation, oxygenating tissues, increasing their nutrition and facilitating the removal of toxins from them. Caffeine enhances lipolysis, or the process of fat breakdown.

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