What is your phototype?

Suntan is the defensive reaction of our body to excess ultraviolet radiation. Why does each of us have a different tan color, different reactions to the sun?

This difference is conditioned by the innate amount of skin pigment (melanin) or phototype of the skin. Melanin in the skin acts as a natural sunscreen, it has the ability to partially absorb and scatter solar radiation.

Knowledge of your own phototype helps in the appropriate selection of sunscreen preparations.

Dermatologists have distinguished six types of skins:

Type I is called Celtic

Pale, white skin often with freckles

Blue, green and brown eyes

Blond, red hair

The skin is always burned, even after 5 min exposure to the sun it is difficult to sunbathe

Recommended preparations with 50+ filter

Type II called North European

Pale, milky skin, sometimes freckles

Eyes blue, green

Hair from light to dark blonde

It easily burns, it is difficult to sunbathe

Sun protection SPF 50-30

Type III Central European

Clear skin with a golden shade

Eyes dark blue, grey, green, brown

Hair dark blond, light brown

The skin tans quickly enough, erythema may occur initially, generally responds well to the sun

Filters SPF 30-15

Type IV South European

Dark skin with an olive shade

Dark green eyes, brown

Brown hair

It is very easy to sunbathe, the tan stays on for a long time, and sunburns get briskly

Cream with SPF 15-10

Type V

Skin is swarthy

Dark eyes

Dark brown hair, black

Very good response to the sun without burns

Recommended SPF protection 6

Type VI

Brown skin

Brown, brown eyes

Black hair

It never gets sunburned

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