Mesopeel Salicilic

Ideal for combating whiteheads, exfoliates both in pores and skin surface.

Salicylic Acid Peel acts directly on oily skin problems or those prone to acne, whiteheads and skin blemishes. The salicylic acid formula mixes freely with existing oils on the epidermis as well as sebaceous material within the follicle.



Recommended in the care of skins with impurities or acne problems as salicylic acid is a sebo-regulator, containing antiseptic with bacteriostatic and fungicidal properties.

TIME: 1h

PRICE: £30

Mesopeel Mandelic

Exfoliating peel for oily acne prone skin with antiseborrheic properties for reduced oil production. 

Mandelic acid is obtained from hydrolysis of bitter almond extract and is know to cause minimal irritation to skin. Specifically formulated to combat imperfections in skins with acneic tendancy, which may also combine photoaging and/or hyperpigmentation.

The main ingredient Mandelic Acid presents antiseborrheic keratolitic properties in addition to important antibacterian activity on micro-organisms involved in skin with acneic tendency.


Mandelic acids whitening and lightening properties unify skin tone acting on skin hyperpigmentation caused by exposure to the sun.

Mesopeel Lactic

Stimulates new collagen and elastin fibre formation, ideal for cosmetic treatment of small wrinkles and skin photo-aging.

Lactic acid - from sour milk or yoghurt has high hydration power and is a basic component in natural skin protection.

Mesoestetic Lactic Peel combines all the properties of this acid into an antiaging peel which softens contours, reduces solar damage, improves texture, skin tone/aspect and generally activates collagen and elastin formation likewise other dermis substances.


Further more, it contributes to skin exfoliation accelerating cell renewal. Lactic acids whitening properties help achieve a more uniform skin tone, reducing blemishes of melanic origin.


Particularly suited to flaky skins and/or those displaying early signs of wrinkles and skin aging.

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