The Secret Of Getting Ultra-Moisturizing


Concentrated face care serum containing 20% Liposomal Collagen Complex.

An innovative combination of the natural fish collagen peptides and amino acids contained in a liposomal career that transports them into the deep layers of the skin, intensifying and prolonging their effects

What’s important is that for the creation of the Liposomal Collagen Complex

no irritating or toxic solvents, emulsifiers, conditioners, preservatives were used. Therefore the product is safe for allergic and sensitive skin

demanding special treatment

chevron The Secret Of Getting Ultra-Mois

Hi! My name is Gosia and I have been a cosmetologist for 13 years and

I am the owner of the Enderma Aesthetic Cosmetology Clinic in the UK. Mom of a two-year-old boy.


I call this serum a wonderful morning. Why? Because after a hard and sleepless night, all I want to do is apply the serum to my face to feel this amazing lifting effect. This serum saves my life every day.


Liposomal Collagen Complex – a market-unique complex that is an innovative combination of natural fish collagen, peptides, amino acids, decorins, lumicans, histones, contained in a liposomal carrier.

The proteins contained in liposomal carriers are obtained from fish skins preserving their biological activity, assuring their optimum efficiency.

Built from a liposome bilayer, the liposome membrane is identical to the liposome bilayer of the skin, thanks to which the transdermal transport of the ingredients contained in the liposomes is intensified, while the substance releasing process gets prolonged - a product with liposomal collagen works stronger and for a longer time. It ensures that the substances reach deeper layers, where the two-fold collagen protein processes take place: filling and reconstruction of the already damaged skin structures and initiation of the new collagen creation. The fish collagen proteins provided by liposomes regenerate, firm, smoothen the wrinkles, stimulate the HSP for cellular protection. They are also helpful in combating discolourings, they brighten up and even skin colour. 

Liposomal Collagen Complex by Larens also provides visible, immediate effects: 


• significant wrinkle reduction (also visible on USG test) 

• saturation of the skin with collagen (dense, healthy skin effect)

Innovative recipes, safe for the skin, measurable effects

Larens cosmeceuticals are an effective, but also non-invasive and safe method to achieve young and healthy looks. The results of their use that are first noticeable by the users are also scientifically proven in research.

Innovative recipes, unique, luxurious ingredients, and quickly noticeable, very often spectacular effects reflect in the growing popularity of the brand, and new Larens products are being awarded by professional and consumer juries in Europe.