Unaesthetical scars and stretch marks?

Get rid of them with carboxytherapy




   - Elimination of stretch marks and scars,

   - Increased collagen and elastin production


How does it works?


It works by injecting medical carbon dioxide under the skin. Administration of a precisely defined dose of carbon dioxide causes a positive reaction of the body. Increased oxygen and nutrients, cell renewal, activation of tissue oxygenation processes.


Carbon dioxide has no harmful effect on the human body, it is produced by our cells as a result of oxygen combustion and completely excreted by our lungs naturally.


Carboxytherapy is a year-round and minimally invasive procedure. The administered carbon dioxide is heated to provide even greater comfort during the procedure.


Is a one-time solution?


The best results are obtained by performing carboxytherapy treatment at regular intervals every 14 days (series of at least 4 treatments)


You can already do carboxytherapy at Kettering.


Book an appointment

TIME: 60min 

PRICE: 1T £30-50 



To arrange a consultation please contact by phone 07424103989 or www.facebook.com/endermaUK